You Are Your Thoughts

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I do not exaggerate if I say 80 % of your success to land a job is dependent on your mindset. Those who succeeded to land a job had a positive mindset about their value and strength. What you are thinking about yourself makes a lot of impact on your journey to find a job. […]

Canadian Experience

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The Canadian Experience is the topic of the hour for most immigrants and after a lot of analysis and research I found that the Canadian experience does not necessarily mean that you should have a job in Canada, The Canadian Experience means that you need to understand the workplace ethics and culture within companies and […]

You will not walk alone

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Searching for a job is a full time job and you need to use all the resources and help you can get to find it in less duration. When I immigrated to Canada, I was attending every workshop I can join to gather as much information and extend my network with everyone i meet by […]

Applicant tracking system, all you need to know

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Objective: Learning about Applicant Tracking System Understanding how it works so that you can find success in getting an interview About the Speaker:Yvonne is a leader in the staffing Industry providing career and leadership coaching to thousands of individuals in Canada and worldwide.She retired from Mindwire/Brainhunter Systems in March 2021 where she served for 15 […]

Becoming the Empowered YOU

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Objective: Learn how to quickly and effortlessly become the part of YOU that already has everything you need, to achieve your goals. About the Speaker:Mohammed Sheikh, the Mind Mechanic, is a NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotist, a HeartMath® Certified Trainer plus another dozen or so certifications on various healing and change-work methodologies. He has been helping […]

Resume 101

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Objective: Walk you through resume tips for success and best tool stand measurement criteria to see if your resume is working for you or not. Have a plan and action on the most important areas to focus on when you update your resume and how to get this with maximum number of interviews. Speaker:Ahmed is […]