Weekly Tips

Avoid negative people, they have a problem for every solution

After I landed and started searching for jobs, I met many other immigrants who unfortunately did not find jobs for a period of time that exceeded their expectations and resulted that they started to blame external factors and keep doing the same thing over and over multiple times. when speaking with them, they only see the negatives and speak a lot about it which made me feel a bit demotivated and worried. I then met my coach who guided me that culture and knowledge shift requires a bit of effort and time to digest which often frustrates immigrants who do not set the expectations on the amount of knowledge, effort and time required to find the job. I then started to avoid talking to negative people to keep myself away from the negative thoughts. I also try to keep myself with people who are positive because it helped me with my energy and focus. I recommend the same to you. if you find you are not happy when meeting someone then try to avoid those meetings until you get hired.