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Becoming the Empowered YOU


  • Learn how to quickly and effortlessly become the part of YOU that already has everything you need, to achieve your goals.

About the Speaker:
Mohammed Sheikh, the Mind Mechanic, is a NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotist, a HeartMath® Certified Trainer plus another dozen or so certifications on various healing and change-work methodologies. He has been helping people heal their thoughts, emotions and behaviors since 2013, having transformed his own life in his mid twenties through NLP and Hypnosis. Mohammed has travelled extensively and is continuously learning under the world’s best healers, change-workers, and coaches and entrepreneurs. Besides the work he does at Coach the Mind, the platform he launched to enable positive change in others, he works with various local community organizations to help them succeed. He lives with his wife and son in Mississauga, ON, and together they are all about living a holistic life and engaging with each moment fully.