Weekly Tips

Give the monkey only the banana – less is more

When I came to Canada as immigrant, I did not have any resume writing experience and I was thinking that my experience will make companies rush to hire me and I was wrong. I keep laughing on my first resume developed and sent to companies with the amount of information provided and with my photo on it. I was thinking that i need to add everything i have done just in case someone may find this interesting and i also did not put a profile for my resume – for example project manager – but rather left open may be it can work as business analyst, operations manager, program director and so on. i was sadly wrong. after attending some resume workshops and work with a mentor, i was guided to tailor my resume to the job description and provide only information that adds value to the role and skip anything else that does not add value. i learned this lesson after sending my resume for almost 3 months with zero follow ups or calls. are you experiencing the same, i can help you with this.