Weekly Tips

Pick a lane and stick to the lane

What i mean here is try to choose one role for 3 months and stay focused on all the needed skills, people, companies, language/ vocabulary required to achieve that role. it is best that it is a role that you have delivered before and within 80% of your current skills or experience. do not try to find a role that is outside of your expertise, it will take you a lot longer to land this role. start somewhere that you can show value then evolve. Try to reduce the number of unkowns to just the market/culture in your search.
When you define your target Role and industry ( 10-20 companies) you have more focus in your search and be able to achieve results rather than just submitting in all jobs getting no where. When I was searching, this tip costed me almost 1 year of my professional life trying other jobs that does not match me and off course it costed me a lot of my savings spent.  i tried to be a Car salesman costed me $800 to pass the exam, 2 weeks of study and other work with the dealer with minimun wage, lost more than 3 months of my life in one attempt. when i started to focus on my field for 3 months, i started to get job interviews after 1 month and successfully landed the job in 3 months time.

Hope this helps!