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Ahmed Zayed Ahmed is a lifelong learner, servant leader, passionate to serve others and create an impact. He is a professional Business/ Portfolio/ Program/ Project Manager of 10+ years worked in more than 14 countries and worked with high tech and Telecom companies Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia, and Motorola. Ahmed delivered 100+ projects for Cloud migrations, business transformation, security, Datacenter build, Full turnkey, Pilot, Trials with budgets varying from $100K to $250M, and Led teams of size from 2 – 200 in a matrix organization. He is a Canadian Citizen and immigrant to Canada who faced a lot of challenges to return back to the market after moving to Canada. He took those challenges positively and created a methodology to short circuit the journey of career landing using 4Ms (to be shared during the session). Ahmed mentored/ coached more than 100 job seekers with a success rate of 90% to land jobs in 3-6 month, the 10% lost was mainly due to not actioning the homework, lots to be shared.

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